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By Phil Shepherd Gently shift your mindset to a more relaxed way of being. These deeply relaxing brain-entraining audio soundtracks are designed to gradually change your neural pathways for greater success in life, while you sleep. The combination of voice, subliminal messages and multiple layers of gentle binaural beats takes you gradually down through states of consciousness. It trains your subconscious mind to positively rejuvenate  and transform the negative self-talk that may have been holding you back. Phil Shepherd was a psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practitioner in London and for ten years a trustee of the charities Wave Trust and Work Stress Solutions. A lifetime's experience has gone into these wonderfully relaxing and life-enhancing audios. Download them now, just once - and they'll be yours to keep and use repeatedly, as often as you need them.


Beating The Procrastination Battle

Overthink to Overwhelm