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Overthink to Overwhelm

An issue or problem appears and you immediately begin to think about multiple scenarios - usually around your interpretation of "The Facts" - "The Facts", however usually turn out to not be facts at all because you jumped the gun - because you neglected to examine those "facts" that triggered your thinking before you went off on your journey of thinking.

And there are so many scenarios - and so many directions those thoughts can take you.... So many new issues and new possible problems then occur to you, no matter which direction you look.

Like perhaps finding yourself in the middle of an unknown city without a map and making decisions on which way to go based on your sense of direction alone.

Or like listening to someone speak and reacting in a flash with your thoughts about what they've just said - and a few moments later realizing that you misheard them or interpreted their meaning completely wrongly.

If only you had paused for thought. Or truly listened and thought about what they'd actually meant.

Overthinking can cause a great deal of undue stress when, very often, situations, issues or problems can be relatively simple to resolve. Indeed when we overthink things we can sometimes cause a problem that wasn't there in the first place!

All this overthinking can be at best annoying and a bit stressful but at worst it can be debilitating as it can stop you getting to sleep as you ruminate while lying in bed at night.

This can lead to a negative cycle of poor sleep leading to yet more unnecessary misinterpretations, overthinking and ruminating at night.... The outcome? A generally confusing state of overwhelm during which it is increasingly difficult to gain that clarity of thought needed in order to resolve real issues, be creative and maintain a positive outlook.

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